Vision & Mission

Vibrant civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGO) are critical to the development of any democratic community. They fulfil many roles including providing needed social services and bridging the divide between citizens, private sector and government.

While quite important progresses have been noticed regarding the participation of civil society and NGO in the improvement of the living conditions of Africans, challenges still remain particularly on building trust and confidence between different stakeholders.

As good governance is mandatory for today’s civil society and NGO to be competitive, BAARA Consulting provides the kind of leadership that would create an enabling environment in the economic governance spheres to guarantee sustainability as well as the removal of barriers to ensure effective Private Public Partnerships.

BAARA Consulting offers skills and international best practices required for civil society and NGO to flourish. Our packages include organizational needs assessments, specifically tailored management trainings, organizational development, financial development and management, strategic planning, advocacy, partnership building. And these are just few of our wide range of services.
BAARA Consulting aims to elevate Africa’s leadership and continuous individual productivity and self-improvement.

BAARA Consulting is the partner that enables your organization to be more efficient and result oriented, in a word: successful.
Africa has long suffered of a poor leadership image. BAARA Consulting is the company that will be known to have changed that.

In 10 years, BAARA Consulting will be synonym with African Innovation and Leadership-Quality.

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